Hologence is the word encompassing my - admittedly - bad ideas.

I work as a senior consultant for IT projects, mainly process modelling, OO and Java. I also do MDA and soft computing paradigms such as fuzzy logic and rule engines, I play celtic folk music and I paint POVray scenes.

I believe in the impact of simple concepts brought to the observer's mind in the sense that simplicity is beauty and beauty irresistibly works it's way into .... Just kidding. Really, I am saving money and the web editing choices my provider offers for free are scarce. After all, bad ideas don't deserve better presentation.

For questions and comments send me an E-Mail.

Leaving good and bad ideas aside, what remains is practical ideas. Such as a windmill: it is practical and simple and at the same time avoids the ugliness that often comes with reliable solutions (click the picture below...).

I believe that ideas are public domain by their very nature, so nobody can conclusively claim to be the source of any good or bad idea. If the Egyptians had been able to visit Mexico, would they have sued the Aztecs for copying their pyramid concept?  See what I mean. Ideas are like broadcasts, and many may have tuned in to the same station. Holding on to one idea to harvest proceeds from it does no favour to those who do it - especially if that idea turns out to be a bad one. Many men have spent their lives in bitter fight for patent rights instead of continuing to do what they were good at: having more ideas (see also paradigms page).

A different proof of concept is available here: German speakers are welcome to use the MDA-Generated Object-Oriented Bullshit Generator.

I am not responsible for contents of other sites linked from here, nor do those contents represent my convictions, beliefs or preferences.